Rugged Road Tardigrade Backpack

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The Ultimate Travel Companion
We created the Tardigrade to bridge the gap between an everyday dry bag and a full-on backpacking pack. With durability, functionality and simplicity in mind, we set out to develop a new breed of bag that could keep up on any adventure.

Why The Name?
The Tardigrade derives its unique name from one of the toughest creatures on planet earth.  Also known as the “Water Bear”, Tardigrades are able to survive extreme heat or cold, and are natural water dwellers.  They can be found near any significant water source and have been around for hundreds of millions of years.  Similar to these unique creatures, our pack will keep all of your gear safe from the elements no matter the condition, and its durable TPU membrane along with PVC welded seems will last a lifetime.

Fully Submersible 100% Waterproof Interior 
Durable Neoprene Hang & Carry Handle
Water Resistant Front Zipper Pocket
Interior Padded Computer Sleeve
10 Gear Attachment Loops 
2 Adjustable Utility Straps
Durable PVC Welded Seems